Greg Mallyon


recent paintings


"Greg’s work belongs to a significant global tradition of humans depicting the world from above for pragmatic, religious and aesthetic purposes – from Neolithic petroglyphs in Europe, to Indigenous Australians’ depiction of Country, to Mediaeval maps, to the landscapes of modern Australian masters like John Olsen and Fred Williams. As Greg notes, mapping provides a ".very ancient perspective of the world.” His work enables a connection to the physical world while having an almost ethereal quality."


 Dr Shireen Huda

Art Historian and curator, Melbourne 2014


" Mallyon also enjoys print surfaces characterised by loose painterly methods of plate rubbing .His prints and paintings feed off each other , but whatever the medium , these surface effects are an integral aspect of his subject matter -abstracted aerial topographies."


Sue Forster


Imprint Magazine volume 49 Number 2

Autumn 2014


"Mallyons use of colour and line take the viewer on a ride through the landscape giving us glimpses of not just what  he sees out there but how he feels. As most Australians live on the edge of this continent it is really important that artists like Mallyon show us what the real Australia is made of "


Peter Sharp

Lecturer in painting, COFA, University of New South Wales 2012


"Using natural ochres and pigments ,these rich and textured paintings not only chart and map the terrain ; they tap into the essence of the land and its metaphysical layers ."


Ali Yeldham,

Arthouse Gallery ,Sydney , Australia ,2012


"In Greg Mallyon's art 'the physical lever' of landscape lifts the viewer upward to the clouds where one sees both the land and one's place in it anew "


Anita Angel

Curator  Charles Darwin University Art Collection and Art Gallery 2012


“There is no mistaking the exuberant and sometimes ritualistic adornment of nature that is the hallmark of Mallyon’s style as if he were celebrating in a more symbolic way her very fecundity. “


The Honolulu Star Bulletin, Hawaii, USA 1990


“Mallyon delights in his subjects. His bold, vibrant and colourful paintings which exude warmth and happiness are testimonies to this “


The Age, Melbourne Australia 1989


“He is one of the most innovative contemporary Australian painters “


The Wentworth Courier, Sydney, Australia 1993


“The maze like aerial view , Indian Mughal aesthetics, the sunbaked outback and the lush vegetation of Queensland are all part of artist Greg Mallyons two dimensional world .Far from creating a lifeless view of Australia , this Melbourne painter uses these influences on our bold and varied landscape in a completely original way “


The Melburnian , Melbourne , Australia 1990


"Brilliant success for the first exhibition of Greg Mallyon.The young Australian takes us to the land of Siddhartha.”


 Le Provencal, Nice, France 1982




This is a small example of recent paintings completed in 2016 -2018 . For available works see the websites of galleries which represent Greg's work or contact Greg directly