Greg Mallyon

recent etchings and monoprints

In addition to creating paintings , 38 editions of limited edition prints of Greg's work have been published over the past three decades. These have included etchings , screenprints and monoprints created with some of Australia's leading master printers including Max Miller , Bill Meyer and Belinda Fox .


Port Jackson Press Australia has been the major publisher of Greg's work with over 11 editions of silkscreen prints and etchings. Many of these prints have been acquired by corporate collections, public galleries and luxury hotels


Greg's interest in printmaking continued during his Masters degree at the College of Fine Art (UNSW) in 2011-2012 , during his 2013 placement at the International School of Graphics in Venice and 2017 residency at CAP studio in Thailand .  He continues to print his work locally at Agave studio in Trentham , Victoria .



In late 2012 Greg was selected as Post Graduate Artist in Residence at Venice's Scuola Internazionale di Grafica  The school is located in a centuries old building on a canal in central Venice.  

He took up his place at the school in April 2013 spending 1 month creating mono-prints and etchings based on sketches drawn on his flight from Australia and a stopover in Dubai .


By the end of the month a new suite of 8 etchings was created and later editioned by Italian printmakers from the school .The Flight path to Venice Suite includes impressions of The Persian Gulf , The Black Sea and Turkey. It is a small and exclusive edition of 15 prints per image .

They were exhibited in Venice in September 2013 at the annual academic exhibition of the school .


The etchings were officially launched at Angela Tandori Fine Art Melbourne  on April 5 , 2014 and will be available as single sheets or as a boxed edition of 8 images .


RRP for individual unframed etchings is $330 inc GST.


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'The Flight-path to Venice Suite'


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