Greg Mallyon


 some of the past reviews on Greg's exhibitions



“Brilliant success for the first exhibition of Greg Mallyon.The young Australian takes us to the land of Siddhartha.”

 Le Provencal, Nice, France 1982


“Although strongly inspired by the colours and the design of popular Indian art, the Australian gives it a perfectly original work. The stroke is pure, the colours simple but rich, the composition surprising but always well balanced “

The Meridional, Nice, France 1982


“ Travel through  exotic countries such as India has left an influence of his pictures. Greg Mallyon's exhibition not only brings us closer to a talented painter but also makes it possible to understand his outlook on life in a young country with an ancient past “

 Matica Magazine , Zagreb Croatia 1984


“Remarkable response to his Brisbane debut. Discerning artists and art collectors were among the purchasers of works from this refreshingly individual exhibition”

The Courier Mail , Brisbane , Australia 1992


“Mallyon obviously recharges his batteries with these works which have the vitality of life seen in some of Brett Whiteley’s more magical landscapes and seascapes .The colour in these canvases and works on paper is striking.”

The Brisbane Review, Australia 1992


His works are fresh in colour and have a naïve and unrestrained quality about them .His landscapes and depiction of flora and fauna exude a relationship with graphics using flat, simplistic strokes with a predominant black edged outline. “

The Geelong Advertiser, Geelong, Australia 1990


“There is no mistaking the exuberant and sometimes ritualistic adornment of nature that is the hallmark of Mallyon’s style as if he were celebrating in a more symbolic way her very fecundity. “

The Honolulu Star Bulletin, Hawaii, USA 1990


“Mallyon delights in his subjects. His bold, vibrant and colourful paintings which exude warmth and happiness are testimonies to this “

The Age, Melbourne Australia 1989


“He is one of the most innovative contemporary Australian painters “

The Wentworth Courier, Sydney, Australia 1993


“The maze like aerial view , Indian Mughal aesthetics, the sunbaked outback and the lush vegetation of Queensland are all part of artist Greg Mallyons two dimensional world .Far from creating a lifeless view of Australia , this Melbourne painter uses these influences on our bold and varied landscape in a completely original way “

The Melburnian , Melbourne , Australia 1990


"Mallyon takes a bird's eye view of the landscape -the scene stretches out like an aerial shot .Arresting are the four studies of Queenstown which give an intriguing view of the denuded landscape.The exposed hills lend themselves to Mallyon's technique of slicing through the view while keeping the surface contours.

The Mercury,  Hobart , Australia  1986


"Melbourne artist Greg Mallyon has built up an international reputation with a collection of images that explore ancient cultures through the medium of 20th century technology ."

Canon Images Magazine, Australia 1996


"The past and present are united in an exceptionally  fresh body of work by this Australian artist. Mallyon’s experimentation on various materials such as wood , papers , fibres and silk has resulted in a unique combination of materials in these collages ".

Singapore Scene, Singapore 1994

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